About Noha Nadler

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
—Kalil Gibran

Growing up in an Egyptian family, my parents felt it was important for me to understand my roots and heritage. Through their influence, I became enchanted at an early age by Egyptian culture and its rich history. My mother’s ingenious mind showed me what it meant to see a story in a piece of art, but it wasn’t until a trip to Egypt in 2012 that my life truly changed—I saw the beauty and the story of my culture and embraced the innate creativity within me.

My cousin, a well-known jewelry designer in Egypt, took me to an ancient outdoor market, a true playground for the imagination. Walking down narrow alleys and discovering a new part of Egypt was incredibly surreal. The entire experience was foreign yet familiar, new yet engrained in my DNA. As I took in my surroundings—the colors, the sounds, the smells—I saw a man in a tiny booth selling pieces of leather and was immediately drawn in. Whether it was the feeling of connection to my heritage that intrigued me or the genuine excitement of expressing my creativity, I chose to buy one of the leather pieces he was selling. In the streets of Egypt, my long-planned story had begun.

Soon after, Noha Nadler became a reality. It is only with a clear understanding and appreciation of my family roots—our history and our values—that I have been able to realize this dream. Noha Nadler strives to design beautiful, thoughtful, fashion-forward pieces for women who pride themselves on distinction. For women who have their own story to tell.